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Are you struggling with a problem you can't seem to break or battling a situation that feels impossible to overcome? You're not alone, and you're not forgotten.

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The solution you've been looking for! Have you ever wanted to rewrite the past, create a different outcome, and wish that the anger, guilt, shame, or feelings of unworthiness weren't holding you back or preventing you from having the loving relationship or successful career that you've been desperately trying to create? I PROMISE you, it is possible, and I am living proof. The Quantum Change Process works to identify the root cause of where and when the issue began, identifying the self limiting core beliefs or painful patterns that were established at a much earlier time, clear the issue through conscious understanding, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance to break the patterns and create new beliefs consistent with who you really are, allowing you to be healthy, happy and fully alive.

This process and integration:

  • restores balance and vitality to the body ∙ mind ∙ spirit connection

  • resolves your issue or problem

  • restores choice and freedom

  • renews confidence, self worth, self esteem, and self trust

  • puts you in touch with your true power

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It's official, Hypnotherapy is now one of my specialties and I'm in love with this modality. I use a 5 minute self-hypnosis recording to help me relax and fall asleep every night. For the first time in my adult life, I'm no longer taking medication to help me fall and stay asleep. The best part is that I'm sleeping deeply, waking up rested, and am able to feel relaxed! This is just one example of hypnosis, but for those stubborn hard to reach irritating "things" that just wont go away, hypnosis may be the answer. It's an incredibly simple, safe, relaxing, and effective modality for anyone looking for change.



If you’re looking for a coaching program that is flexible, results driven, and holds you accountable, you found it. With my coaching program, the length and hours spent working together each month are completely dependent upon your needs. This offers a multitude of flexibility while still holding you accountable as I’ll be there each step of the way.

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With my 6-week BREAKTHROUGH program, you’ll experience a radical transformation in your life that significantly impacts the core of who you are. Whether your currently facing a hardship in your relationship, career, health, mental health, spirituality, money, and more; this breakthrough will allow you to get past what is breaking you down, so you can BREAKTHROUGH into YOUR NEW LIFE!

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Give the Gift of Healing this Year

Purchase a gift card for a loved one for a pre-selected amount based on available immediate services.

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