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Do you have goals, dreams, and desires? Of course you do! You're an amazing human being out here doing everything that you can to tackle life. Okay, what are they? Do you know, specifically? Why aren't these things already in your life?

Together we'll determine exactly what you're seeking in your life right now and identify the best steps for you to get there!

Call me now to begin your journey!

Discover You

An in-depth session of (your) discovery that will provide an intense awareness of who you are, what goals you are pursuing, and maybe some barriers that we need to kick down. During this time, we’ll really get to know each other and determine what the best route for you is. Maybe its individual coaching sessions, maybe it’s a long-term commitment, or maybe it’s a powerful BREAKTHROUGH that you’re looking for. Whatever it is, I will personally help you find it and get there.

Individual Coaching Session

An individual coaching session is designed specifically for the client who is seeking a practitioner to work with on a short term basis while receiving profound results. Maybe you're seeking transformational change through Quantum Time Release or the Quantum Change Process. Maybe you're a coach yourself looking for a guide to breakthrough some limiting beliefs or strategies that no longer serve you. Maybe you're a previous client that discovered a new challenge and only require a session or two to let go of what is weighing you down. If so, this might be the right choice for you.

Coaching Package

If you’re looking for a coaching program that works on your needs and your time, you found it. With my coaching package, the length and hours spent working together each month are completely dependent upon your needs. This offers a multitude of flexibility while still holding you accountable as I’ll be there each step of the way.


With my 6-week BREAKTHROUGH program, you’ll experience a radical transformation in your life that significantly impacts the core of who you are. Whether your currently facing a hardship in your relationship, career, health, mental health, spirituality, finances, and more; this breakthrough will allow you to get past what is breaking you down, so you can BREAKTHROUGH into YOUR NEW LIFE!


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